Thanut Rujitanont

Born in 1993, Thailand, Thanut Rujitanont is an animation artist. He works on animation as a medium to explore fields of his interest. He is currently studying in a master degree in animation in Europe and has visited Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia, as a visiting scholar to develop his thesis project, “The Announced Tragedy”. He has been researching on the knowledge of art conservation and the framework of animation by using his personal experience towards his house as materials; to find fresh possibilities portraying his thought in form of short animation, art installation and exhibition for his thesis.

2023: Visiting Scholar at Griffith Film School, Brisbane, Australia
2023-2021: RE: ANIMA European Joint Master in Animation, Belgium-Finland-Portugal, ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship
2016-2013: Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts, Film and digital media at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand

Artist in residence
2020: Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators, January – March, Japan
2019: Atelier de l’Enclume, August – September, Belgium
2018: Anime-Asean program, August, Japan
2018: Ciclic animation, March, France
2017: Nef animation, October, France

Grants and Awards
2018: A government grant from the Thailand Ministry of Culture
2017: NEF animation and Ciclic animation prizes in a pitch session, Short film category in MIFA, the Annecy International Film Festival, France
2016: Gold prize of Digicon6, Digicon6 Asia, Japan

Lectures, workshops, exhibitions
2022: Speaker, SPARKS: Experimentation and Expanded Animation: Exploring Artistic Possibilities, SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community
2022: Bumblebee Apocalypse, a multi-screen videos exhibition, Oodi Library, Finland
2022: Come & Play exhibition, Luca School of Art, Belgium
2021: Guest speaker, the Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit University, Thailand
2021:  Guest speaker, Franco – Thai Animation Film Festival, Thailand
2020:  Rose Rash exhibition, Project to Emerging Media Arts Creators, Japan
2018:  Guest speaker, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Japan  
2018:  Guest speaker, New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Japan
2018:  Guest speaker, 32nd Image Forum Festival, Experimental Film / Video, Japan
2018:  Guest speaker, Lumen Gallery, Japan
2016:  Volunteer teacher, Fundamental Film, at Foundation for Child Development, Thailand

On-going: Director, Rose Rash, an animated short film, Graphy Animation – Stage of Post-production
2022: Co-director, Re Na Na, an animated short film, RE: ANIMA.
2022: Artist, Bumblebee Apocalypse, a multi-screen video exhibition, Oodi Library, Finland.
2022: Co-director, Homesite, an animated short film, RE: ANIMA.
2016: Director, Teun, a graduation animation, Thailand
2015: Animator Assistance, Les Demoiselles d’Ovalie, Jingjok Animation Studio, Thailand