On 3rd April 2021, with the kind invitation by Patara Nimmol, a Thai conceptual artist and an animation lecturer in computer art in Rangsit university, a Leading Private University in Thailand, we was invited as a guest speaker in the Alumni Online Talk Session at Rangsit University. The event held just before the final-year students in Digital Art programme are graduating in the next few months. We are one of two guest speakers this year gaving short talks, sharing experience about our life after graduation.

The topics we had the opportunity to discuss includes the importance of the graduation animation project that can open a wide range of opportunities for the career path, the basic information and step to submitting the graduation animation projects to national and international animation festivals, the significance of the animation proposals that would help animation directors finding fundings. producers and etc., the experience in pitching animation project in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017, and the opinion of independent and industrious animation in Thailand.

Even though we did not graduate from Rangsit University, having a chance to share our experience with hope that it might be useful or somehow be a trigger to a student making a fresh start is such an honour for us.

Graphy Animation

On 14th March 2021, It was an honour to be contacted by TACGA – Thai Animation and Computer Graphic Association, to participate in the event ‘Franco-Thai Animation Film Festival’ as an Animaion du Monde Alumni, the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2017.

In the Panels: Conference 2, Véronique encrenaz – the Head of MIFA, Suporn Decharin – Igloo Studio and also a fellow Animation du Monde Alumni, and I had a discussion on the positive impacts of being a part of ‘Animation du Monde’, a pitching session supporting an initial animation project. We had talked in detail on the process of the two-week pitching workshop in Thailand, the one-day coaching session before the 7-minute pitching in the festival in France, the wonderful and impressive activities such as animation seminars, animation workshops, animation markets, animation screenings along a week in the festival. And we ended up with encouraging Thai animation directors, animators and any animation makers who have an animation project in mind submitting the Animation du Monde application.

Graphy Animation