Reanimating the Archives: Thai Labour Museum

A photo of a Thai music instrument being treated by a conservator from SAC Gallery.

Thai Labour Museum

Thai Labour Museum is a museum which is based in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. On 17th October 1993, the official open date, an old railway police station was turned into a one-storey museum which has been exhibiting the social history of labourers in Thailand. The museum bears evidence of environmental factors for close to 30 years. Documents, historical objects and memories have been collected and maintained in the building. However, those materials in both tangible and intangible worlds are inevitably and gradually deteriorated due to time. To preserve and last them as long as possible, a project aiming to keep them alive in digital space started.

Photos of conservators and a photographer from SAC Gallery treating and digitalising historical objects in the museum.

Reanimating the Archives

The project started with support from The Progressive Movement and The Progressive Labour Movement in Thailand. With the collaboration between the Thai Labour Museum, Conservation Lab from SAC Gallery, web developers and Graphy Animation, we managed to digitalise various preserved objects which are in different conditions into the museum’s website. More than 50 objects: newspapers, miniatures, cloths, dolls, documents and etc. were examined, treated before digitalising and carefully restoring them back to the place they were.

Feel free to visit and explore many labourers’ stories preserved in various objects via the museum’s website:

Graphy Animation
1st May 2022