Title: Homesite
Synopsis: Building a collective house as three narrators, has been a drive to explore intimately each other in a suggested space and time. Our interest relies in investigating the act of building/constructing as well as inhabiting a local. “Homesite” is the territory where all these encounters manifest
Director: David Habchy, Renato Duque and Thanut Rujitanont 
Stage: Completed, 2022
Technique: Digital animation, pencil, colour pencil, oil pastel and pen on paper
Duration: 7:45 min.
Description: “Homesite” is a short process-based poetic animation. The project aims to explore the directors’ privacy and communal space via different approaches, methods and formats and to investigate the drive to action/reaction or non-reaction when triggered by an object/item/image. The film is about meeting point/s between each director’s personal experience: fragments of childhood memories merging with the process of remembering, the memory retrieval. The animation techniques used vary between drawing on paper, drawing on transparency sheets , 2D digital animation, rotoscope over stop-motion and video footage. These treatments are used as tools to expand the directors’ investigation.
Supported by: RE: ANIMA European Joint Master in Animation and LUCA School of Arts.