Title: เฮ นา นา, RE NA NA
Synopsis: Voices seek themselves in Lisbon
Director: Natali Padilla, Renato Duque and Thanut Rujitanont 
Stage: Completed, 2022
Technique: Digital animation, charcoal on paper and oil pastel on paper
Duration: 2:30 min.
Description: RE NA NA is a process-based factual animation project. The making of started with how the authors reacted to the sounds of the city in drawing form using mixed techniques, and consequently, the band members voices appeared to play. Each author expresses their own voice composed with the sounds of the city at the same time as a band experiment. The visuals and audio play together along the process expressing feelings and sensations that Lisbon evocate in the authors.
Supported by: RE: ANIMA European Joint Master in Animation and UNIVERSIDADE LUSÓFONA.