Example of Labanotation (n.d.), On the Technological Conditions of the Representation of Movement, Danai Kleida.

Kinetography project is inspired by the book Labanotation The System of Analyzing and Recording Movement by Ann Hutchinson. As someone who is working in animation which is a medium related directly to movement, studying and trying to understand the Labanotation are such inspiring. Seeing movements, directions, timings, motions, actions, levels, positions and etc. in space are written as a notation language seems like I am learning how to move again as a kid. Every move I take, every line I draw and every movement I animate, I am sensitively aware of them much more than usual. At the moment I can understand only a few parts of them. There are so many elements to learn and there are long ways to go and to dive into this system of movement.

All the design and art are inspired directly by the book.

An excerpt of Kinetography
Some materials and screenshots from Kinetography project.
Some materials and screenshots from Kinetography project.
Graphy Animation
29th June 2022