Come & Play

Event: Come & Play Exhibition

The exhibition occurred at 10 am. – 17:30 pm. on Wednesday 22nd December 2021 @ Luca School of Arts.
Organised by Thanut Rujitanont, Tsai Yi-Chin, Senne Driesen and Dries Fagniart.

What is Come & Play?

“Having fun and enjoying” is the catchphrase we always say. Spending time playing, exploring and creating something together in Luca School of Arts and the Maison Florida is priceless and valuable for the four of us. With the happiness we had collected over two months, we want to share and invite people to come and play things we have made for the exhibition.

Come & Play is an exhibition that is divided into two rooms which have things the participants can see, watch, draw, roll and play.

“Toy Machine”

Little by little with many experiments, the toy machine was gradually assembled, from the legs to the hand (the roller).

With our efforts, now, the toy machine is able to be rolled and the film rolls are ready to be moved. It is fun to control the rolling speed by hand and enjoy the changing vision, try it!


Roll it.

“Behind The Scene”, 14 min.

Talking, thinking, making, trying, fixing, eating, drinking, tiring, relaxing and many other feelings are in the photos and videos. Feel free to sit at the red chairs behind and watch us exploring.


Unexplainedly, everything that is put on the overhead projector is nicer than it used to be. Probably, the texture of the projected wall, the illuminated dust hovering in the air and the light of the projector are a good combination.


Drawing on the blank transparent sheets with colour pens. Cut and put it on the overhead projector. Combine them with your own imagination.

“A migration of experience”

“Simultaneously playing roles as a miniature sculptor and an art conservator gave me a strange feeling. My eyes and my hands could feel every tiny detail of the objects, more than usual. Every touch seems like an act of creating and destroying. The cracks, stains, the fingerprints, the dirt, the lines and the colours on the objects are obvious in my sight.”

Moulding and baking the small polymer-clay vases and vessels and observing the objects through in animation.


Feel free to draw on the small canvas. They will be conserved.

“No Camera Exposure on Film” 

Collecting and arranging all materials on transparent sheets beforehand, so I could work in a totally dark environment. Just put the sheets on top of the film, and use a little light to go through it. Without seeing anything, I could only touch and feel it, just like the spirit of analog film, you can never know what you would get before it developed.

Thank you all participants for joining us at this event.

Maison Florida

Luca School of Arts

We are really glad to see people come to our exhibition. It is an honour for us.

23rd December 2021