Article 1: Ephemeral Animation by Nenagh Watson

I came across this article when I was at the RMIT library in Melbourne a few years ago. What I like most about this article is that it made me expand the way I thought about the concept of autonomy and manipulation as an animation maker. After I was pulled into the field of Ephemeral Animation, I began to see animations within my own everyday lives. The animations that are not physically animated by me or other humans but still give endless room for being animated by each individual’s subjective perception.

As the writer, Nenagh Watson, is a puppeteer, the essence of puppetry that is about triggering the illusion of life from inanimate objects makes him closely scrutinise his environment in relation to life. This, also, could be a meaningful instinct for every animation maker as it challenges animator makers to learn naturally from their own experience not from others.

In my opinion, animation makers who study animations from schools and, or studios tend to get stuck on animation technique and forgoing the fundamental principle of animation practice, the practice that has not been ruled by anyone and can be more loosely worked on.  I believe this article can be an initial step to overcome a fixed mindset of animation.

Nenagh Watson. “Ephemeral Animation” Performance Research (9 Apr 2015): 12-17. Online.

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By Thanut Rujitanont on 2021-03-29