Animation Therapy

Event: Scratch Your Anger And Flip It.

Scanned pages from our participants’ books.

Animation Therapy: Scratch Your Anger And Flip It. 

The event is a 3-day workshop via online platform (Zoom application). The workshop occurred on 7th, 21st, and 28th August 2021. It took about 2 hours each and the exchange session took about an hour on the last day of the event. The total participant is 34: 10, 10, and 14 persons respectively.

How did the event occur? 

In June 2021, we got an encouragement from one of our respected teachers to create a project which relates to therapy, as the project would be supported by Thai Health Promotion Foundation. We were eager to catch this chance, however, at the same time, we knew that we did not know enough about therapy, the area that we can initiatively assume its high sensitivity and vulnerability. On top of that, organising an on-site seems impossible due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, after spending a day mulling it over, we decided to accept the challenge with a believe that we would somehow find the best way for this project. 

Scratch Your Anger And Flip It. 

A scanned page from one of participants’ books.

This name was not out of the blue. We gave a credit to P’Pat and P’Atom from Studio Persona, a space of art, mind and lifelong learning. As we had no experience on therapy, we decided to contact P’Pat, a veteran art therapist with an aim that we would get a suggestion from people who have been working and have much experience on the field. Via phone and online zoom application, we had exchanged rough ideas mostly sharing basic information that both sides specialise with. A few basic methods of animation: clay animation and flip-book animation were shared by Graphy Animation, the process of art therapy was shared by Studio Persona. 

Finding an overlap space with the optimal experience for everyone is our core of the talks. With the experience Studio Persona has, the structure of the event was gradually fragmented. Scribble art is a suggestion from Studio Persona as it is relatable to everybody not matter you are familiar with art or not. The process of it is also simple and straightforward to bring participants’ feelings, emotions and thoughts out and letting participants meet their own inners. Flip book animation is our choice as we think it is a good choice to not create a thick wall to participants in terms of technical animation stuff. Books also are everywhere and just you flip one page of the book you can see a trace of your inners. In comparison, it is like scribble art works on participants’ unconsciousness and then flip-book animation gives a chance for participants to animate, manipulate, and transform their inners with consciousness. 

Our honour to share and to be shared. 

In the first place, we did not expect or even thought of how much we would get from the project. But it turned out in a very memorable way, at least, for us. Traveling through participants’ emotional journeys with a trusted guide is priceless. It is hard to say how it is like by words. We guess every individual inner world is completely different, inexplicable, and changeable. Seeing through it needs courage, brave, and tolerance, speaking it out is even more difficult. Having two hours with them, to listen, to be shared, and to share is an honour. We appreciate all encouraging people and hope that we will have a chance to meet again.

A scanned page from one of participants’ books.

Here is a short video we would like to share with you.

Special thanks

Fei, our event moderator and friend. We had not met for a long time since we were in our university life. Thank you to be part of Graphy Animation, supporting our weak spots.

N’Hin, N’Tian, and N’Jao, our project manager and project assistants. You always support us no matter what we want.

Thanks for your support

Graphy Animation, Studio Persona and Thai Health Promotion Foundation.  

Graphy Animation
2nd September 2021