A Playground of Sounds and Images

Event: 29th September 2022, 19.00 pm at Alliance Française Bangkok.

We would like to acknowledge Ambassade de France en Thaïlande in partnership with Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Miyu Distribution and Alliance Française de Bangkok for their supports. We also would like to thank Klowerº – Keawalee Warutkomain and Wardphan Diloksambandh, our co-organiser and Alice Saey, our invited animation artist, to make the event A Playground of Sounds and Images, which is a part of Beyond Animation Festival 2022 happened.

A playground of sounds and images is a conference with screening event. The animation program, curated by Alice Saey, dives into the multiple aspects of what can be called “visual music” with a showcase of monumental, sensory, audiovisual experiences. Through the screening of music videos and experimental animated short films, the audience will be invited to discover new perceptions of film and storytelling.

Graphy Animation
23th January 2023